Oh dear, Cannibal Cuisine looks like Overcooked but cannibals

Yell at yer friends in 1-4 player co-op while working under time pressure to serve up meals to an unforgiving god in Overc—er sorry, Cannibal Cuisine. It’s certainly got a familiar vibe to it, so if you liked the frantic food prep of that other friendship-ender perhaps you’ll like doing it with a new secret ingredient: tourists. Cannibal Cuisine is launching later this month but they’ve got a free demo on right now so you can take it for a spin before that.

Your god Hoochooboo is hungry and apparently needs a bit of fine human cuisine to sate his appetite. If you don’t want to be devoured yourself, you need to hunt and prepare some specific dishes. “Find delicious fruits and vegetables, and combine them with freshly chopped and cooked tourists for a truly divine delicacy fit for the God Hoochooboo,” say developers at Rocket Vulture.

It looks like Cannibal Cuisine is a bit more than a second course to Overcooked. It’s got a bit of combat, for as much of a fight as these bathing suit-clad tourists will put up. There look to be some traps and fire and wot not as well. “Overcome spikes in mysterious temples, bushwhack your way through tourist infested jungles and stay away from lava in the underground,” they say.

The developers have put up a free demo so you can test your skills in the heat of the island kitchen before launch. You can find the demo over on Cannibal Cuisine’s Steam page. Its full release is scheduled for May 20th.

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