Olivia Rodrigo Incorporates Sustainable Fashion Into Her Wardrobe and Merch – Green Matters

“Olivia has a great amount of thrifted and vintage items in her personal wardrobe, but where I think she especially shines is in her effort to use sustainable clothes for press events,” Sarah Miller, creator of Olivia Rodrigo Closet on Instagram, tells Green Matters exclusively.

“She continues to advocate for vintage pieces when using a stylist and often uses sustainable brands, such as Stella McCartney. This helps bring sustainable fashion into the mainstream,” Miller adds, noting that Rodrigo has worked with sustainable stylist Laura Sophie Cox.

In the interview, Rodrigo shared her favorite vintage store — Vantage in Salt Lake City, where the singer and actress films the Disney+ show High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. “It has the best T-shirts, and the best Y2K 90s stuff, and it’s super reasonably priced,” she said.


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