Our favourite wired Logitech gaming keyboard is £50 off today

The Logitech G915 Lightspeed Wireless is one of my favourite gaming keyboards of all time, but its almost identical wired sibling, the G815 Lightsync, comes a very close second. It’s the keyboard I’ve had on my desk for months now, mostly because it has the added bonus of USB passthrough for my mouse – and the good news is that it’s £50 off over at Amazon UK today, taking it down to its lowest price ever.

It’s the tactile switch model that’s on sale today (which is Logitech’s version of the classic Cherry MX Brown switch), dropping from £169 to an all-time low of £119, according to my Amazon price tracker. There’s also a clicky switch version (which is most akin to a Cherry MX Blue), but sadly this is still £140 at time of writing.

Admittedly, the tactile version has also been fluctuating between £140 and £169 this past month or so, spending most of January to May at the upper end of the scale before dropping down to £140 for almost all of June and July. It’s had a few blips back up to £169 during August, but it has, for the most part at least, been around £140 these last couple of weeks rather than its full £169 price. Either way, regardless of whether you want to say it’s £50 off its historic price for most of the year, or just £20 off what it’s cost most recently, £119 is still a pretty great bargain for this super svelte, low-profile gaming keyboard – and much better than paying £209 for its wireless G915 sibling.

Its design is exactly the same as the G915, so you get the same slim, aluminium chassis and double-height feet round the back, as well as a gorgeous volume wheel in the top corner, dedicated media keys, five dedicated macro keys on the left hand side and four onboard profile buttons. Plus, you get the added aforementioned bonus of an extra USB port for your mouse, which isn’t present on the wireless version.

Now, I’m sure many of you will have alarm bells ringing over those five macro keys down the side of the keyboard, and I, too, am normally not a fan of this either. Previous keyboards I’ve tested with macro keys down the side have often resulted in my fingers sometimes getting confused when I reach for the Ctrl and Shift keys without looking, which ends up leading to a lot of mistakes. Happily, I’ve never had this problem on either the G815 or G915, as there’s just enough of a gap between the main keys and the row or macro buttons to keep them separate. If it had been a problem, I’d have quickly switched to a different keyboard for my day-to-day work.

Alas, the same deal isn’t available at Amazon US right now, as all models of the G815 Lightsync cost their usual $193 right now (although Best Buy do, in fact, have the clicky version for a discounted $180 at the moment). That’s still a bit easier on the wallet than shelling out $250 for its wireless G915 sibling (or $238 for the tactile version from Best Buy), but I’d probably advise US folks to wait until Amazon Prime Day to see if it gets a bigger discount before taking the plunge.

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