Overclockers UK have slashed the price of Glorious’ Model O gaming mouse

Ever heard of trypophobia? It’s the (not officially recognised) fear of clustered holes. Think lotus seed heads, honeycomb, sponges and so on. I bring this up because if you suffer from this fear, you may not be best suited to Glorious’ Model O gaming mouse (or even the picture above.) But everyone else should give it a look – especially at 24% off its usual price.

Indeed, Overclockers UK have knocked £13 off this holey gaming mouse at the moment, meaning you can get both the Model O and its even smaller sibling, the Model O-, for just £40 instead of the usual £53. You can get both in their glossy black or glossy white colour variations, too, although sadly the same discount hasn’t been applied to their respective matte options. Nevertheless, it’s still a great price for this small, lightweight gaming mouse, and it’s the lowest we’ve ever seen it in the UK.

Glorious – I flatly refuse to use the full tongue-in-cheek-but-still-silly brand name of “Glorious PC Gaming Race” – make pretty good PC peripherals, and Katharine was a big fan of the Model O- when she reviewed it last winter. She described it as a “full-blown radioactive Skittle”, and I’m deliberately not going to give you any context to that statement. Suffice it to say, it’s a good thing.

“I love the Glorious Model O- so much that I’m going to create a brand-new category in my best gaming mouse rankings for it, giving it the illustrious title of being my best mouse for small hands recommendation,” she wrote. Oh yeah, I should point out that the Model O and Model O- are a bit on the dinky size, which may be a deal breaker: it has a footprint of just 120x63mm.

Still, if that doesn’t bother you, and you don’t suffer from Trypophobia, then the Glorious Model O and Model O- gaming mice might well deserve a place on your desk.

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