This article presents new features of Paradigm Worlds: We, the Creatures! mod for MB:Warband. FEATURES CATEGORY: PRIVATE LIFE OF CREATURES

Paradigm Worlds: Private Life of Creatures!


Private life of creatures

  • We, the creatures! – all troops, especially heroes, become more sentient. It means merchants, tavernkeepers, travellers, ordinary troops, and of course all lords, kings and ladies are a lot more complicated personalities.
    • all Paradigm’s creatures have background story (same as player) and this affects their stats as well. Background is generated every time you start game, so you never meet same creatures twice. What does it mean? ALL creatures go through same ‘creature creation’ menu – of course virtually – so they have their story, what they were doing as kids, grownups and adults. These stories affect their attributes and even skills.
    • Character or life philosophy has two ‘slots’ – creature’s character is dualistic then.
    • Characters are build on idea of opposition, like ‘good’ and ‘evil’ and ‘power’ of belief may range from -5 to 5. For example: Aristocratic character may have ‘power’ from -5 (fanatic) to -1(doubtful). Aristocratic characters believe that power should be given only to small group of creatures, those ‘most deserving’. While opposite to it Anarchist believe that all creatures should have same rights and government is a form of oppression and this belief may have power ranging from 1 to 5.
    • CHARACTER POWER – how strong is belief in ideal:
      • fanatic [5]
      • sure [4]
      • strongly convinced [3]
      • ‘think’ [2]
      • ‘hope’ [1]
      • doubt [0]
    • Evolutionist is a term created by creatures of PW and it means: that evolutionist creature does not believe in equality, but instead believes that some creatures are born more powerful, and are better suited to survive. So they should use their advantage to their profit.
    • Character impact on world. It has a lot to do when checking if two creatures like each other. Character may prevent companion from doing a mission if it is against his/her/its belief. Character has impact on quests, missions. Finally it is been created to help with roleplaying your own character. This part of mod will be developed further, so character will define creatures in more ways.
    • Creature’s REPUTATION, or creature’s NATURE [it is same, just using synonym] . Each creature has one of these reputations:
      • Martial
      • Quarrelsome
      • Selfrighteous
      • Cunning
      • Debauched and decadent
      • Goodnatured
      • Upstanding
      • Roguish
      • Benefactor
      • Custodian / Trader
    • Creatures nature is very important especially for lords. For example martial creature will more eagerly support its king during campaign, will last longer with marshal. Cunning will get better money, selfrighteous will rather save itself than jump into dangerous fight to help friendly army. So in general, reputation has huge impact on AI behaviour.
    • Player may expect some small profits, also creatures with similar reputation like each other more.
    • This feature is planned to be expanded even more in future versions.


  • NEGOTIATIONS – this is a new level of inter-creature relations. You can present your point of view, you can help or harm psychologically any sentient being around you [except most ordinary troops]. You can show your appreciation or disapproval by suggesting emotional state to any other creature.
    • What can player do:
      • attempt profiling character – player can try to analyse other creature’s character, past, background. The more you know the better chance for a succesful negotiations. However profiling is considered an insult, or even danger.
      • present your character – when you want to tell something about yourself
      • positive actions: Like [4], Friendship [6], Chill Out [9], Admire [12]
      • negative actions: Insult [-4], Frighten [-6], Corrupt [-7], Terror [-8], Malice [-9], Humiliate [-12]
        • [1.99.1] version [unreleased] adds [provoke] which is special action that has insulting effect, but speaker will challenge player to a duel
      • Numbers in brackets [number] represent ‘challenge’, how hard it is to suggest given action
      • These actions may affect both speakers’ renown, controversy, sanity, honor
      • By winning negotiations [manipulation skill and charisma are most helpful] player can enforce his point of view, enforce his paradigm.
      • You can treat it as psychological warfare. You can compromise your enemies in eyes of the king, or you can be a strong king yourself, and keep good relation with your vassals.
      • For instance, corrupted merchant will give better prices. Often the stronger action taken, the stronger effect on npcs.
      • Player can choose which tactic wants to use: positive or negative. Of course, creatures are not stupid, if positive action is proposed to a creature that hates player, probably its answer will be negative. It is not a strict rule, however. Creature may think, that player really wants to end conflict, so after all, why not?

  • PSYCHOSTATUS – is a result of Negotiations. Psychostatus depends on action, so if – for instance – action was Friendship then both speakers are in a good mood for a few days, and every day they will gain some Sanity or loose controversy. Analogically negative actions, like Corruption will cause to loose Sanity, or honor, or renown. However, #psychostatus period length is longer, probably by 3-4 days, because corruption has more ‘power’.
    • If you want to revise that subject in-game, you have to talk to any bard or musician in tavern.
    • Player can check reports->personal reports->present psychological profile to learn details, there is even quick tutorial if you would like to refresh some rules or check for some hints during game

  • Troop price system wasn’t good enough for new conditions. With presence of new weapons like firearms, legendary weapons, with new system where quality is so much more important… Troops’ prices where not really reflecting their true power.
  • TROOP MILITARY POWER – in most cases you can ask creatures during dialog about their military power. #Player military power is presented in reports menu [1.99.1]
    • Script analyses all attributes, all skills, and very closely takes a look at equipment. Machine guns, pistols make troop automatically a lot more expensive. Experience level is important, but equipment plays main role.
    • Military power is useful/important also during conversations. Creatures will disapprove low quality stuff, weak speakers, and will be impressed by the opposite: good quality, expensive armors and weapons
  • Controversy [0-100] – the higher value, less chance for fiefs from king. Also controversial creatures are less liked by others. Sanity [0-100] – creature cannot have relation with other creature higher than Sanity. For example: If player has 45 Sanity, he will not have better than 45 relation with any other creature.

This article is a part of main presentation of Paradigm Worlds: We, the creatures!

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