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As challenging and uncertain as these times are, this pandemic has allowed many of us to have some time to reflect. Fashion isn’t the slightest concern for many at this time, but for those of us with an affinity for fashion, next season’s styles may be fresh on your mind as a means to spark joy and temporarily distract you from all that is currently going on. So for anyone, Bears or non-Bears, wondering about what fashion may look like next season, we at the Clog have decided to outline some projected styles, inspired by the stay-at-home orders. Many of you may be ahead of the curve and are already repping these styles, but we are fairly confident that, come fall and winter, the looks listed below will be named trendy.

The multiday look

No need to stress about rotating outfits every day. Come the fall/winter 2020 fashion season, it may be the norm to consecutively repeat outfits or parts of outfits. Same pants for three days in a row? Yes.

If you have a favorite shirt that you wish to wear back-to-back during the week, next semester could be its time to shine. Who knows? Virtual runway shows may only showcase three to four looks in the coming season. 

Bangin’ or busted home-cut bangs

Bangs were already in before the COVID-19 crisis, but as time progresses and boredom grows, they are becoming extra in. Right now, many are snipping away in hopes of getting the perfect cut, all while inside the comfort of their own homes. So, expect to see more people with this cut all year long. Some of these fashionistas may choose to rock a clean, straight-across look, while others may model a more rushed and improvised version.

Say “socks and slippers”

Is there a more appropriate footwear choice? In the past few years, fashion icons were already repping socks and slides, but now some are choosing to take it one step further by rocking a socks-and-slippers combination on the daily. This appearance is gaining more popularity and practicality by the minute. After all, this footwear choice is comfortable, cozy and cute (sometimes)!

The formless aesthetic

Get ready to say your goodbyes to the tight, form-fitting clothing for a while. This next season, loose-fitting clothing may have a presence like never before, dominating the fashion scene. Huge hoodies and baggy bottoms might have previously been seen as formless comfort wear, but this aesthetic seems like it may end up being one of the trendiest looks this year.

And with that, we at the Clog have outlined the top four inspired styles of 2020!

On a final note, while many of us may be bogged down and affected by the unfortunate turn of events due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is also some light at the end of the tunnel. We can use these trying times to find inspiration and opportunity in so many different ways! Whether it be as simple and silly as projected fashion styles or as grand and moving as revolutionary changes to how the world operates, there is no time like the present to imagine, ideate and illuminate a vision for the future.

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