PFA: Former striker Dave Kitson wants to take charge at organisation – BBC Sport

Kitson retired in 2014 after scoring 145 goals in a 13-year career.

Ex-Reading, Stoke and Portsmouth striker Dave Kitson says he is “ready” to lead the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA).

Gordon Taylor is the current head of the PFA, which has been criticised for its coronavirus response.

“The fact that certain individual Premier League players and the captains of the Premier League clubs – under the banner of the ‘#PlayersTogether’ initiative – felt the need to act independently of the PFA… is nothing short of embarrassing,” said Kitson.

“This has strengthened my belief that I can no longer personally sit idly by and do nothing.”

Taylor, who has held his PFA role since 1981, says he will stand down as chief executive following an independent review into the players’ union.

“I have been troubled by the breadth of criticism leveled at the PFA over the past 12 months from both the mainstream media and, in particular in recent months, from a number of esteemed colleagues against whom I’ve either played or otherwise hold in the highest regard,” said Kitson.

“To know both that our union has had to invite an independent review into its governance by Sport Resolutions and is subject to a parallel review by the Charity Commission is obviously very alarming.”

Kitson, who also played for Cambridge United, Sheffield United and Oxford United, added: “As a first step, I am posing a set of 101 questions to the PFA that I believe should be in the minds of all members who care that our union best serves us all and will continue to do so in the future.

“The questions are intended to start a debate about how we shape the future of the union.

“I am ready, willing and able to lead the PFA and bring about the much-needed reform of its structure, operations and practices.”

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