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Face masks have become indispensable during the coronavirus pandemic. These aren’t the N95 surgical masks, which should be reserved for front-line workers. We’re talking about cloth masks that people wear over their faces to help keep the virus from spreading.

As the COVID-19 crisis persists, people are taking advantage of their talents and making face masks for sale. Many are hand sewn by people whose normal day jobs are put on hold while others have turned to the sale of masks as a new revenue stream. In Mexico, a former luchador is using his sewing skills to make masks for others. In the Midwest, a stylist in Illinois has turned to sewing to making a living. A company Germany that makes luxury textiles has turned to making high-end face masks that are attracting a clientele.

Elsewhere, fashion schools, manufacturers, volunteers and even nuns have made an effort to be practical and produce as many face masks as possible. They’ll be needed to get out in places such as California.

Whatever the case in the future, masks will likely be a part of everyday life. They’ll be an item like a wallet or a watch that people don’t leave home without. The photo gallery above shows the people producing them.

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