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The story goes that the moment the first person strapped a piece of Mesolithic wood to their feet in the Altai region of what is now China, circa 6,300 BCE, someone saw them, and told them their fur cloak looked steezy.

The early history of skiing and ski fashion remains fuzzy, a jumble of cave paintings and fossil records. But one thing is certain—skiers have always looked damn good. The tradition likely began somewhere in Scandanavia, where skiing first transitioned from being purely a mode of transit to one of recreation.

The first off-piste ski races occurred in Telemark, Norway, and had skiers navigating natural terrain and jumps. It is a crime against humanity that there exists no video footage of these original “wild races.” It’s up to our collective imaginations to envision how stylish these pioneers must have looked mid-air.

While ski shapes and topsheets change with the wind, the outlaw spirit of The Other Skiers dictates that we will continue to push sartorial boundaries, and wear clothes that reflect the fun and the thrill of our sport.

Here is an inspiration album, a mood board of the best outfits we’ve seen on the slopes. We hope you make the list next year.


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