PillPop, now available on Steam!

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, now available on Steam!
For Windows and MacOS.
20% launch discount for a week.
(Currently working on mobile versions)

PillPop, a unique style match 3 pop game. Battle colorful cute viruses with the medical pills to make them pop!

Clear the viruses by clicking the pills to destroy them.
You can only click groups of 3 and higher that are directly next to each other, and containing at least one pill of the game color.
The game also contains the regular pop game modes called VirusPop, where you just match the same color viruses together.

There is a Zen mode, for relaxing play style and no time constraint. play this mode for a relaxing playing experience.
The Blitz mode is for a quick game of just 2 minutes, where you have to try and score as many points as possible.
And finally Survive mode, start with a partially filled level. The level then slowly starts to fill up, and the game will end if the level is full.

Each mode can be played on 6 different levels, with different sizes and amount of virus colors.

– 3 game modes
– 2 game types PillPop or VirusPop
– Cute animated Viruses
– Board sizes 8×8, 10×10, 12×12
– 24 Achievements
– Statistics
– Colorblind Mode
– 10 nice music songs
– Turn on/off songs in the playlist editor
– Steam Leaderboards
– Steam Cloud Save
– Steam Achievements

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