PoneDM Release 1.0

Hi all, I have released the latest update for PoneDM. This update brings new gameplay enhancements and bugfixes. Changes are listed below.

dm aerowalk0002

dm lockdown0000

dm runoff0001




Mane changes:
– The Railgun now recharges in the background. You will know when it’s ready after a beep plays.
– The Railgun will charge faster than normal if the Railgun is charging in the background. This does not apply if the Railgun is overcharged.
– It is now much easier to aim with the Railgun. The crosshair is now enabled and the beam points towards the crosshair.
– Moved the positioning of the Railgun in dm_aerowalk.
– Moved the positioning of the Gatling Gun in dm_runoff.

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed a bug where the Railgun doesn’t play a sound at 100% completion.
– Fixed a bug where unlocalized text in the Customization menu becomes jarbled.

Balance Tweaks:
– Decreased the Railgun’s normal charge time by up to 31%.
– Decreased the Railgun’s overcharge charge time by up to 33%.
– The Railgun now fires invisible bullets, allowing for better support with map triggers.

Misc. Changes:
– Changed the bot name randomization algorithm to be more unique.

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