Portuguese Civ Mod III 4.2 released!

I am glad to announce the release of yet another major update for Portuguese Civ Mod III!

The highlight of this update is the addition of a new civilization, a fan-favourite request from our community: the Polish, with new unique bonus, units and mechanics! Special thanks to Jorgito for the Unique Unit and Support Unit graphics and to Kor Bosch, for the Wonder graphics and history section text!

Even though this addition would be seen as a deviation from the mod’s theme, it is a gift to the wonderful community that has been keeping this mod alive in both ModDB, Discord and Age of Kings Heaven for all of these years!

Besides of that, the graphics for the Light Lancer unit, one of the Feudal Age Trade Workshop units, have been replaced by new graphics made by Jorgito.

Lastly, I’m also glad to announce that the Siege Engineers Recorded Games Database now supports the archiving of PCM III recorded multiplayer games. Be sure to head there if you ever play a multiplayer match of PCM and want to share the recorded game file of it! Huge thanks to happyleaves from the Siege Engineers community for that!

As usual, the update can be obtained at our Downloads section!

Portuguese Civ Mod III - v 4.2

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