Prototyping Player Interaction

Here’s a quick look at the progression of our first-person interactions.

Step one was simple. Approach an interaction (this example an NPC) detect its presence and show a visual prompt.

[embedded content]

Next, we check the player’s distance from the object they are interacting with. Doing this allows us to introduce a disengage based on distance and also prevents multiple interactions from being triggered by the player.

[embedded content]

Introduced a second object into the scene to check the logic was working… and it did! 🎉

We set our disengage distance at 10m, we will probably reduce/finetune this.

[embedded content]

Adding more complex interactions such as dialogue options with the NPC. We are using Ink from @inkleStudios to handle our dialogue scripting 💬 (more on that soon!)

[embedded content]

A little logic so that when an interrupt occurs (walking away) it redirects the story and finishes it off gracefully i.e. it now says ‘how rude, you walked away’ etc. This is part of the Ink story so can be modified to say almost anything.

[embedded content]

That’s it for now, more to come and more work to do but pleased with the progress we are making. Dialogue is coming along really nicely too, with voiceover tests pending.

More updates soon!

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