Quake 2 Retexture and Relight Progress #1

Hello, Quake 2 Lovers!

I am excited to show you some progress i made this month. I made about 30 new materials and adjusted new lighting for maps base1, base2, base3, train, bunk1.


q2xp0007 1


As you may notice i made level more colorful and brighter. Original lighting is too lifeless, grey and boring. Also some areas are too dark. This is my vision and you may not agree with that choice. However, i am open to suggestions and changes.




Some textures are still not finished, there will be color adjustments. The rust is very important for Quake 2 style and there are some materials which require more rust.




The red barrels are just placeholders, it will be replaced with HQ original Q2 style barrels.

Anyways, i am happy to share these news with Quake 2 fans and i hope they will like it.

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