RA2YR Enhanced 3.05

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This update brings Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge to the max, closer to how it should have been from the start. This was achieved by careful rescripting, without the use of external addons like RockPatch or Ares, and I must say it’s amazing how this game can still stand on its own after almost 20 years since its release.

The AI was completely redesigned in 2.63 and now it has been enhanced even more, being able to build more factories for each type of unit and unleash relentless attacks, pushing players’ skills to the limit. RA2YR Enhanced respects difficulty modes, with ‘Brutal’ being the serious deal. Get some computer allies or lower the difficulty level if you find it too hard.

Large AI Base

Currently, there are 2 versions of this mod: 2.63, which is more relaxed, and 3.05 which comes in two packages: a zip package that needs to be unpacked and installed manually, and an easy-to-use installer with difficulty fine-tuning controls.

Large air fleets will destroy any undefended building with ease. A good commander must ensure to have enough anti-aircraft at key points in their base or risk taking some serious damage. Luckily, most AA weapons do area of effect damage now, but that may still not be enough to save the day… Build outposts whenever possible to prevent direct attacks against the main base.

Large Air Fleet

Keep enemy Labs down in order to stop them from deploying devastating battalions… or let them be if you welcome a good fight. But be aware, the computer players have an increased income bonus and production speed to keep them running and be fun, yet they can become overwhelming if you make too many mistakes.


Tanya and Boris will do their best to weaken a player by targeting harvesters and base defenses while Allied spies will try to steal and sabotage in every possible way. Pay no attention to them and the war may very well be lost.

Boris Calling MIG Airstrike

Special thanks to the C&C community for all their efforts, this mod wouldn’t have been possible without the documentation they worked so hard to research.


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