Race passives added + extras!

Race passives added + extras!



I’ve been putting off adding race passives into the game for a while, the main reason was because I didn’t really have icons to differentiate the different races. I decided to create some icons for races and the class passives and I added race functionality into the game. For me it was pretty important coming up with icons people could easily associate with, so that was a priority of mine. Before creating these icons, I came up with different designs on paper and then picked which ones I liked best to go forward into Photoshop.

Race Passive – Gnome

The Gnome race passive allows them to detonate an explosive. The Gnome has a 10% chance for this to trigger, causing 10% magical damage to all nearby enemies and mini stunning them for 0.2 seconds.


Race Passive – Naga

The Naga’s intelligence gain is 10% more upon levelling.


Race Passive – Elf

An Elf gains an extra 10% dexterity and 5% agility upon levelling.


Race Passive – Human

A Human gains 10% more strength upon levelling up.


Race Passive – Beardom

The Beardom gain 20% more stamina upon levelling.


Race Passive – Dwarf

While picking up collectables the dwarf will gather 1.5x more than any other race.


Class Passive – Paladin

Use Shield: The Paladin can use a shield to block all attacks when timed correctly, when the passive is active.


Class Passive – Assassin

Fatal Strike: The Assassin has a chance to deal critical damage.


Class Passive – Hunter (Thinking of remaking)

Double Time: The Hunter’s experience allows him to sometimes use two arrows.


Class Passive – Mage

Great Invocation: With great knowledge, the mage invokes his favourite invocation. When an enemy is hit with this cast, they are set on fire and take damage over time.


Class Passive – Priest

Healing Grace: The priests divine powers heals everyone around him for a small percentage when the passive is active.


Class Passive – Berserker –

Return Damage: The Berserker returns damage from the enemy back to them.


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