Raf Simons Is Reissuing 100 Fashion Grails From His Archive – Vogue

Resale prices don’t paint the whole story of Simons’s fandom, of course, but the fervor around his vintage clothes has helped turn the secondary menswear market into a micro economy of its own. How will the prices of Simons’s own reissues fare compared with the market value of the vintage originals? And what about the resale prices of the reeditions? Last week 5 million people signed up to try to buy Dior Men’s new Air Jordan sneakers—imagine the interest a Raf Simons sale could generate.

It’s hard to tell if that fury will register to the man himself, though. More removed than ever from the churn of the fashion system—and more secure than ever with a co-creative directorship at Prada alongside his own favorite designer, Miuccia Prada—Simons doesn’t really have to participate in the industry for public relations, financial, or fame-based purposes anymore. A press release for Raf Simons Archive Redux notes, “Both a creative and commercial gesture, Archive Redux offers the new generation of Raf Simons followers a chance to experience these garments for the first time. A nostalgia for the unknown.”

Thanks to the internet and its brilliant collectors, Simons’s oeuvre is very known—and manically pored over. He’s going to give a little bit more to his superfans. As he wrote in Raf Simons Redux: “Raf Simons, as the world knows the label, is not me. Or better: not solely about me. It has always been, and will always continue to be, about us, about we, about you.”

A monogram turtleneck from Raf Simonss first collection for fall 1995

A monogram turtleneck from Raf Simons’s first collection for fall 1995Photo: Courtesy of Raf Simons

An homage to Kraftwerk from fall 1998

An homage to Kraftwerk from fall 1998Photo: Courtesy of Raf Simons


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