Rainbow Six Siege is going free for the weekend

Another Rainbow Six Siege free weekend is on the way: Beginning at 9 am (local time) on June 11 to 4 pm on June 15, curious but unconvinced shooter fans can jump into the action on any platform, with full access to all maps, modes, and 20 “legacy” operators.

If you happen to own The Division 2, jumping into the free weekend will unlock a five-piece Thermite Outfit for your Division 2 agent—and yes, players who already own Rainbow Six Siege will also get the skin. A promotion from April that gives Siege owners a new Ela skin for playing The Division 2 trial (or owning the full game) is also still active, so you may as well get onto that, too.

You’ll need a Ubisoft account to take part in the free weekend, and preloading is live now, so you can be ready to start shooting as soon as the flag drops. Full details and links are up at ubisoft.com

We’ve got a full list of all the free games you can grab right now, both temporary and keepers, to dive into here. And in case you missed it, the next Rainbow Six Siege operators have leaked: It looks like we’re getting an attacker with a drill camera, and a defender with a robotic arm and laser gates.

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