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A new group has been formed to steer the return of sport in Jersey, with some activities set to resume on Friday when the island is expected to move to level two of its lockdown exit.

Draft guidance produced by Jersey Sport would see groups of up to 40 people allowed to participate in organised sports events, while maintaining two-metre social distancing.

It will mean some sports, including cycling, bowls, and cricket could resume, as well as ‘low-intensity’ indoor training.

Contact sports like football, netball, and rugby would remain off limits, however, until lockdown restrictions are further relaxed.

The increase in numbers for structured gatherings, and the opening of indoor facilities for low-intensity physical activity, is a significant step forward for the return of sport, and we continue to work closely with the sports, Senator Steve Pallett and Public Health to establish the detailed guidance and support needed for the return of competitive sport as an integral part of island life.

– Catriona McAllister, CEO, Jersey Sport

Jersey Sport will form part of the new Sports Consultancy Group, set up by States member Senator Steve Pallet, which will also involve the island’s Commonwealth Games and Island Games associations, Jersey Sport Council, and the Government’s sports facilities team.

The assistant minister responsible for sport said it will serve as a forum to help lead local sport through the coronavirus pandemic and create a healthier island.

All forms of exercise which put people in close contact have been severely restricted but, as a result, there has been a noticeable increase in walking, running, cycling and sea swimming during lockdown. The Sport Consultancy Group will support Islanders back into their chosen sport or physical activity in a safe way, and encourage those people who’ve started something new during lockdown to continue to exercise as we move through the levels of Jersey’s Safe Exit Framework.

– Senator Steve Pallett, Assistant Minister responsible for Sport

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