Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge Enhanced Mod

The idea behind this mod is to make Red Alert 2: Yuri’s Revenge a lot more fun and balanced, but without turning it into something else, like other mods do, hence it mainly aims at purists who like the game just as it is.


* Prism Tanks have been nerfed and can no longer wipe an entire map by themselves.
* Some vehicles are more dangerous now, as they can fire while moving.
* Some vehicles received better guns.
* Structures have a slightly wider range of deployment, allowing you to make less cluttered bases. This also helps the AI from getting stuck inside its own base.
* IFVs and Guardian GIs can no longer destroy walls (they used to ruin base defenses by destroying walls while targeting air units, which is a game glitch).


* German Tank Destroyers are much weaker, while doing greater damage and having a wider range. They are no longer doing reduced damage against harvesters, making them very nice vehicle hunters.
* Units mounted on Black Hawk helicopters can now fire from inside, making them resemble real helicopters.
* Some missile launchers (like the Allied Patriot Missile) can fire more missiles, making them more realistic.
* Terror and Chaos Drones are faster and they can be quite dangerous and annoying now.
* Costs have been lowered for some expendable units like the drones.
* Some slow units (like the Kirov Airship) and some missiles are slightly faster now.
* AI will now deploy buildings like Spysat Uplink and Nuclear Reactors, which can be captured for great advantages.


* Some buildings have been moved to the Structure Tab so you can still build base defenses while making them.
* Walls can be deployed much faster.
* Enemy technical structures (like the Oil Derrick) must be destroyed as well in order to completely defeat that enemy.
* Probably the most important change, the AI has been completely redesigned making the computer players a lot more challenging by organizing larger task forces and less boring assaults.
* And many, many other tweaks that attempt to reduce bugs and imbalances, and make the game a lot more fun.


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