Rogue Star Rescue Major Update: New Nuclear Planet and New Scientist Character!

Major Update V0.34: New Nuclear Planet and New Scientist Character!

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New Nuclear Power Plant level!
New unlockable character: The Scientist
Rescuees now join you in your main ship, what will they have to say?
Rescuees will now come back to help you fight on later levels
New electric grenades
New Weed sprayer gun
New Starwing gun
Many new endings
Many new enemies, including new ammo draining type.
Win streak leaderboards fixed
Added DPS, ammo, range, reload time info for all guns in Info UI
Upgraded planetary exploration map effects
Many other bug fixes and tweaks!

The game is available on Steam Early Access and

Bullet Hell Insanity + Tower Defense Strategy. Rogue Star Rescue is a quirky new type of rogue-like shooter. Blast your way through diverse planets while rescuing your teammates and gathering traps for your defense strategy. Play solo or online to stop the Rogue Star before it annihilates everything!

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