Rogue Star Rescue Major Update + Sale

Bullet Hell Insanity + Tower Defense Strategy. A quirky new type of rogue-lite shooter.

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Every two weeks we release a new major update. More guns, enemies, rooms, and more improvements based on your suggestions! You asked, we listened. This week we’ve added a feature to remove traps.

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Other additions include:
New Light Sword melee weapon
New Type100 gun
New Light Zapper gun
New Gun delivery item
The ability to remove traps with the cancel button
New editable control binding for second pod gun
Ability to clear quick set guns
New enemy boss voices
Newly updated rooms.

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And the cherry on top: the game is on sale until July 30.

Hundreds of hours of gameplay, 11 worlds, 5 playable characters, 200+ weapons and items, 24 different endings, an online co-op, and much more at 34% off! You can take advantage of the deal on Steam:

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Please come and say hi on Twitter or Discord! We’re always happy to hear your feedback!

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