S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky remastered trailer

Here is the first release of our mod, remastering vanilla Clear Sky.
Only visual updates, no gameplay changes.
Early Access avalaible for Silver Tier Patrons( Our patreon) for now until we finish to adjust some little things to our tastes. Then, it will be released here on ModDB.

Here are some of the modifications you can expect ( non exhaustive list) :

– 64 bit engine
– UHD textures ( and even 8 k)
– Enhanced NPC and mutants models ( 30- 70 k poly for NPC and 20- 40k for mutants)
– 4k skyboxes
– Modern visual effects like Global illumination or HQ ambient occlusion
– Vegetation overhaul ( Bump mapped leaves and textures overhaul)
– Particle system reworked with particles collision
– Custom weather
– Soft shadows / Grass shadows
– Motion blur enabled
– 2k ( and even 4K in some cases) Bump map

Link to Original Story

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