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Mike Ford (left) and Sam Burgess’ relationship broke down over the course of the 2015 Rugby World Cup

Criticism of Mike and George Ford by ex-England cross-code international Sam Burgess is “strange and confusing”, according to Leicester Tigers head coach Geordan Murphy.

Burgess said he “lost respect” for his former Bath coach Mike Ford during the 2015 World Cup.

He also criticised son George’s conduct after being dropped.

Mike is now part of the Leicester coaching team, with England fly-half George in his second spell there.

“I have known both guys a long time and they are both good human beings,” Murphy said. “We are just very, very happy to have both of the guys.

“Mike is incredibly experienced and has been great for me in my role, and George has got a hell of a lot of caps and is renowned for being an unbelievable team man.

“Mike has been a great support to me over the past couple of seasons – and longer – and George has been incredible for Leicester throughout his entire career.

“It’s really strange, and slightly confusing, to drag things up from five years ago, but I am certainly very confident that both of those guys are very well-received at Leicester and are doing a great job.”

Mike Ford worked with Murphy when defence coach at Ireland and the British and Irish Lions in the 2000s, before the latter added him to the Tigers coaching staff in 2019.

George Ford played alongside Murphy in his first spell at the club, with the fly-half making his Tigers debut as a teenager in 2009.

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