Save £100 on this 240Hz Alienware gaming monitor

Alienware’s 240Hz gaming monitors are firm favourites here at RPS, so it’s definitely a cause for celebration when we can slice £100 off one of them. This time around, it’s the AW2521HF on offer, which is the flashy Freesync successor to the excellent AW2518HF, and you can currently pick it up for £330 over on Dell’s deals site.

As well as that lovely high 240Hz refresh rate, the Alienware AW2521HF has a 1920×1080 resolution and a flat IPS panel, so colours accuracy should be top notch. It’s also one of AMD’s FreeSync Premium displays, which means you also get AMD’s low frame rate compensation tech in addition to its usual variable refresh rate tech for super smooth, tear-free gaming.

In case you’re unfamiliar with AMD’s LFC tech, this improves how a monitor performs below their minimum frame rate threshold. Normally, a Freesync monitor’s variable refresh rate tech only kicks in at around 48fps or above, but LFC helps to make games feel smooth no matter the frame rate. It does this by effectively duplicating the number of frames being shown onscreen when the frame rate drops too low, bringing 30fps up to 60fps, for example, making them feel much closer to the type of experience you’ll get on one of Nvidia’s G-Sync displays.

Even better, it’s been fully certified by Nvidia as a G-Sync Compatible monitor, too, so Nvidia graphics card owners will still be able to take advantage of all that variable refresh rate goodness as AMD GPU owners.

More importantly, it has a 1ms response time, which is pretty fast for an IPS display and makes it a good pick for pro gamers where every split second counts. It has two HDMI inputs and one DisplayPort, plus three USB3 ports for all your peripherals, and it also comes with Alienware’s rainbow-tastic AlienFX lighting system to really light up your gaming desk.

Drawbacks? Well, you’ll need a pretty powerful graphics card to get the most from that 240Hz refresh rate if you’re dead-set on playing games at top notch settings, but even if your GPU isn’t quite up to the task of running games at 240fps just yet, then at least you’ve got plenty of headroom to grow into it when you next upgrade.

Of course, £330 is still a fair chunk of change for any gaming monitor – especially when you compare it to some of our other best gaming monitor picks such as the sub-£200 AOC 24G2U, which has a 144Hz refresh rate. And if you have no interest (or chance) in becoming a tournament level gamer, then the 240Hz refresh rate is probably overkill. In which case, you should consult our Gaming monitor deals page before entering your credit card number anywhere.

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