Save 20% on Glorious’ Model O gaming mouse plus loads more in their flash sale

The holey, hexagon-obsessed folks over at Glorious are holding a 24-hour flash sale at the moment, making it a great time to upgrade your mouse, keyboard and all other manner of PC accessories on the cheap. There’s 20% off all gaming mice, including their superb Model O and Model D, 10% off all keyboards and 30% off mouse pads and wrist rests to name just some of the discounts.

What these percentages mean in practice is that both the Model O and Model D mice see a £8 / $10 discount, taking them to £32 / $40 a piece. That is unless you fancy the new, but incredibly garish pink Model O, which drops to £39 / $48. Katharine was a big fan of both, calling them great lightweight mice, especially for those with smaller hands, and you can read more about them in our best gaming mouse round-up.

We haven’t tested Glorious’ modular GMMK keyboard yet, but if you fancy being a gaming guinea pig then the normally £90 / $110 mechanical keyboard can be yours for £81 / $99. It’s available in three sizes, but the price is the same for all of them, so I’d go ‘full’ unless space is a real issue for you, or you happen to prefer tenkeyless or the 60% form factor. There’s also 10% off Glorious’ key caps, switches and accessories to help you customise it, too.

The biggest discount is reserved for mouse pads, with a 30% saving meaning you can get the 11x13in stitched cloth mousepad for £7 / $8, or the ridiculously large 24x48in 3XL extended version for £28 / $35. Other sizes are available, of course, if you don’t fancy buying one of the two extremes.

Finally, there’s 5-40% off Glorious’ various wrist rests if you fancy something a bit plusher to sit beneath your new GMMK keyboard. They come in various sizes, from long strips in various colours (and even a few wooden models if you’re that way inclined), plus shorter, fatter models for your mouse.

The sale is only on for 24 hours, ending tomorrow (Thursday) at 5pm BST / 12pm EST, so you better get your skates on if you fancy anything.

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