Save $20 on our favourite wireless gaming headset

If, like me, your gaming headset is currently held together with tape and glue, it might be time to invest in a new one. And right on cue, Best Buy have a decent sale on a number of gaming headsets right now, including a fancier version of Katharine’s favourite wireless gaming headset, the Corsair HS70.

For my money, Best Buy’s best buy (pardon the pun) is the aforementioned Corsair HS70 Pro, which is currently 20% off at $80. Why is it good? Well, the non-pro version is currently our wireless budget pick in our best gaming headset roundup, and this reduction makes the Pro version the same price.

Apparently, by becoming professional, you get improvements to the 50mm driver, the microphone and the earpad foam – which is now memory foam. As Katharine wrote for the non-Pro version: “If you’re after something simple that gets the job done, feels great and doesn’t involve trying to unravel a million cables, the HS70 is the headset for you.”

If 80 bucks sounds a bit rich for your blood, then you should probably turn your attention to the Steelseries Arctis 1, whose wired version is $10 off at $40. Obviously there are drawbacks in a budget headset, but Katharine was still pretty keen in her Arctis 1 review, praising its comfort and decent audio quality. It’s “noticeably better than the really cheap headsets out there like the Turtle Beach Recon 150,” she notes.

Of course, there’s also a wireless model if you’re insistent on cutting the cable altogether, in which case you might fancy the Arctis 1 Wireless which can be yours for $82. Why you’d do that when the HS70 Pro is making puppy-dog eyes at you for $2 cheaper, I don’t know, but it’s up to you.

Other headsets are in the mix, but we haven’t reviewed them, so any input in the comments section is welcome. The super high-end Corsair Virtuoso is down to $200 (although it’s $20 lower on Amazon), for starters. Alternatively, if you like the way Razer does things, the Kraken Ultimate wired set is $30 off at $100 while the regular Kraken is $20 off at $60. The Nari Wireless THX, meanwhile, is down to $130.

If you’re due a headset upgrade, then your ears – not to mention your fellow gamers – will appreciate it.

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