Scottish FA & SPFL to ask government for 1 August season start

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The Scottish FA and SPFL will ask the Scottish government for permission to start next season on 1 August.

Sports minister Joe Fitzpatrick will meet the heads of the major sporting bodies on Friday to discuss how each plans to restart.

Football will be permitted to resume once the country enters phase two of the lockdown restrictions easing – if it can adhere to social distancing.

Playing non-contact outdoor sports will be allowed in Scotland from Friday.

The situation is reviewed at least every three weeks – the next is scheduled for 18 June – with further phases implemented if enough progress is made on keeping the virus under control.

Professional sport is in phase two; a “restricted number” of spectators are allowed in stage three – potentially mid-July; with crowd restrictions eased further in stage four.

The SPFL hopes football clubs can resume training from 10 June with a view to playing matches again behind closed doors from the originally scheduled 1 August start date.

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