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Scottish Swimming chief fears pools may not reopen

Scottish Swimming’s chief executive is “very concerned” some pools may not reopen after lockdown.

Indoor sport facilities in Scotland have been shut since March, with no indication about when they can reopen.

And Euan Lowe fears some swimming pools could fall victim to local authority cost-cutting in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We have a lot of older facilities that are harder to maintain and cost more, which was already a battle,” he said.

“Given the big financial challenges ahead, it is a concern how many of these pools are able to open.”

Even when pools are allowed to be used again, operators will have to satisfy extra health and safety requirements – all of which will add a further financial burden.

Other nations have permitted pools to reopen, which Lowe says could cause Scottish swimmers to fall behind given the narrow margins involved in the sport at the elite level.

“It is a concern the longer it goes on,” he said. “We are working to see if we can get access for our high-performance swimmers through some small, identified venues in a similar way to what they have down south at the moment.”

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