SCRAP Commentated Replays and upcoming Tournament

SCRAP is a complex game with a lot of rules and little details that make up the gameplay systems, and communicating how it works and what I think is special about it has been a complicated matter for me. A lot of my friends online have suggested commentated replays as a way to demonstrate how the game works, and to that end, I’ve started recording the best matches my community has been playing and delivering them via Twitch and YouTube in an effort to help showcase what I think makes SCRAP something that might interest competitive gamers.

In the SCRAP Commentary series, I am striving to explain how the game works and how and why people play it the way they do. These commentated replays discuss unit and structure design, player strategy, and all aspects of the game and gameplay. I hope to do 1 or more of these every week from now on.

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Additionally, I am formally announcing the SCRAP Tournament. Starting in August 2020, the SCRAP Tournament will have a $110 USD prize pool ($70 to first place, $30 to second place and $10 to 3rd place winner). In the SCRAP Tournament, players will play best-of-3 matches in a double-elimination format. Quite frankly, I want to get players and I’m hoping that offering prize money is another good way to get people to get into the mod and give it a chance.

So, I guess… Let’s see what happens.

If you’re interested in trying SCRAP out (I should point out that in addition to competitive 1v1, SCRAP contains 2-player co-op against an AI opponent, as well as solo play vs AI) for practice or participating in the tournament, please join the Wayward Strategy Discord here:

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