Scrin is here!

Hello all, New update for scrin! Note that i’m not 100% done with this faction, it’s taking quite some time, but here is what i have done so far…

-Moved upgrades around and added new upgrades!:
> Nerve Center Upgrades: Attenuated Forcefield Generators – Shard Launchers

> Stasis Chamber Upgrades: Shock Pods – Blink Packs – Ichor Plating – Advanced Articulators

> Technology Assembler Upgrades: Forcefield generators – Blue Ichor Infusion – Traveler Engines – Ion Shields

> Signal Transmitter Upgrades: Planetary Devastation – Advanced Production – Ion Storm Armor

Changes to Upgrades:
1) Attenuated Forcefield Generators: Now Affects Storm Riders

2) Shard Launchers: Turns Gun Walker into Shard Walker, and upgrades weapon of ravagers and unlocks their ability

3 )Shock Pods: Affects Shock Troopers and Storm Riders, weapon upgrade

4) Blink Packs: Affects More Units

5) Ichor Plating: (New) Affects all Scrin Infantry, Increases armor and slightly increases movement speed

6) Advanced Articulators: -No Change-

7) Forcefield Generators: Affects more Units

8) Blue Ichor Infusion: (New) Upgrades all Laser Weapons to be infused with blue tiberium, Upgrades Shard Launchers into blue shard launchers, upgrades Ichor Plating into Blue Ichor Plating

9) Traveler Engines: -no change-

10) Ion Shields: (New) Similar to “Sonic Replusion field”, upgrades all buildings with a protection from C4 charges and engineers, and increases armor

11) Planetary Devastation: (New) Affects Planetary Assault Carrier Drones, weapon upgrade

12) Advanced Production: (New) Affects All Scrin Production Structures, produces units 20% faster

13) Ion Storm Armor: (New) Affects All Aircraft (Except Drone Platform), increases armor and attack damage


Shields for the new units: (Devourer – Corrupter – Storm Rider – Mothership – Mechapede)20200602064419 1

Blue Ichor Infusion
20200602061940 1

Planetary Devastation20200607152749 2

New Conqueror Battleship (storm riders in picture are drones)20200607152535 1

New Mechapede Artillery20200602062342 2

Walls and Control Node20200607151805 1

Hexapod when garrisoned with masterminds20200604233800 1

Hexapod when garrisoned by shock troopers20200604234112 1

New Ion Shields Upgrade for buildings20200607152412 1


That’s pretty much all that’s new apart from the vanilla stuff from the subfactions

Well, That’s about it for now! A new version coming soon however i do not know when, and i cant really give any promises even though the mod is still being worked on heavily

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