SFCIII MirrorrorriM V3.5

The year is 2409. It has been 42 years since the fall of the Terran Empire at Wolf 359 and the enslavement of humanity by the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. Through small resistance movements led by Spock and incursions from counterparts in the Prime Universe, humanity has been given a second chance at rebuilding a better future. The resistance started with Spock, would see new life with an armistice forced after the fall of Terok Nor and the death of Regent Worf. The Terran Federated Republic was formed in 2383, but it is bittersweet. Some still seek the old ways and it emboldens the Alliance and even older enemies.

The Klingon-Cardassian Alliance is fractured but determined. They will bring the might of their combined fleets to snuff out humanity and their collaborators once and for all.

The Romulan Star Empire has recovered from the devastation brought upon them by the Terran Empire. Their long war with the Interstellar Concordium has forged their will and fighting prowess. The emergence of a new human alliance and the expansion of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance will not be tolerated.

The Borg have all but been destroyed. Being aware of other timeline contingencies did not prepare them for the mass invasion of their space by Species 8472 and the possibility of total galactic annihilation. Exiled by necessity to the Beta Quadrant, they rebuild and plan with renewed purpose to destroy Species 8472 and reclaim the Delta Quadrant.

With this download:

  • MIRRORRORRIM V3.5 mod files
  • 2019 HD SFC3.EXE Patch*

Please visit our main download page Windows 10 + HD compatibility set up for recommended compatibility enhancements. This will provide instructions and download links for setting up this mod to work with Windows 10 and provide you with the dgVoodoo DirectX/3D Shade Patch for SFC3 on Windows 7/10. The dgVoodoo + reShade will provide the intended HD aspect for this mod.

Mod campaign

Borg attacking Voth dreadnought

Klingon attack of Sphere Builder

Borg Cone attacking Romulan Harp

Constitution attacking Voth capi

Romulan attacks Ferengi

Intendent class attacking Consor

Vas Hatham

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