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While many Duke healthcare staff are serving on the front lines of the pandemic, thousands of other staff and faculty are doing their part through physical distancing at home. 

So, for those working remotely, your work attire probably looks a bit different these days.

Consider Duke University President Vincent E. Price. He recently shared his favorite outfit in a work from home video greeting on his Instagram. Wearing sport coat and shirt, Price stepped out from behind his desk at home to reveal khaki Bermuda shorts.

“We’re all getting used to this new approach of working from home, which I think is terrific,” he said. “The best part of it, of course, is Zoom attire. Casual Friday, every day.”

Show us your at-home work attire for a special [email protected] video compilation. (Visuals must be in good taste, of course.) Upload a short video – 15 seconds or less – by 5 p.m. May 11. 

We’re giving away bragging rights and “Proud to Be [email protected]” T-shirts to faculty or staff with some of the best fashion videos, which will be compiled into a longer video for [email protected]

Upload your video clip here.

Watch President Price’s work from home greeting:



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