Sims players are flooding their homes with the new pond tool Sims 4 screenshot of two swans on a pond

The Sims 4‘s recent Cottage Living expansion introduced a whole host of features—chickens to raise, llamas to pet, lactose intolerant sims—and the ability to flood your whole home, if you so choose. The pond tool, which can be populated with moss, and frogs, and other water creatures, can also simply turn your garden into one big swamp, or your house into one big swimming pool.

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Other players have shared their flooded homes under the community hashtag #ShowUsYourBuilds. It feels wonderfully tasteful to say “why yes, I built this” while a sim frustratedly stomps their feet in waist-high pond water. I’m reminded of the aesthetically similar subreddit Chairs Underwater, which enforces a rule of tagging NSFW for chairs Not Submerged Fully (under) Water.

We recently updated our round ups of the best mods for The Sims 4 and every cheat you might you need—in case you want to max out your sim’s fishing skills before you install a pond in their home. It might cut down on the stamping-feet-because-they-can’t-find-the-fridge moments if they can just Gollum down raw fish in their new home.

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