Small update coming soon

Small update coming soon to the mod, because with the whole situation going on i actually kinda have time to work on this mod again

bandicam 2019 06 26 10 57 10 859

Old Spinosaurus

bandicam 2020 05 04 19 58 32 578

New Spinosaurus

Also got an updated unique roar sound

Irritator getting demoted to a bonus dinosaur, torvosaurus promoted to one of the main 40 dinosaurs, as well as recieving its new skin, also making it the first dinosaur in this mod with a compeletely custom skin by me, yep, this one isnt a copy paste of pictures from google over a UV map. well i mean technically if you want to be exact the scales texture’s are but whatever.

bandicam 2020 05 05 11 53 16 339

Torvosaurus unique mechanic is its pack mechanic, simalier to allosaurus, raptor, alberto, etc. However the difference is its a LARGE carnivore, on acro TClass, not an alberto or cerato or raptor.

Herbivore sweating intensifies

bandicam 2020 01 29 18 11 09 486

New gigantoraptor (model by yutythetitan)

Gigantoraptor still is basically the same, other than its new model and skin. It is still an omnivore (though its classified as a carnivore and gets lured the same as a carnivore and the feeders consider it a carnivore (though thats more based on where a dino is in the hatchery)) Though now gigantoraptor is far more aggressive and far more deadly. Omnivores also have their bug fixed where they could eat living dinos and get their hunger down instantly

Will put more updates here soon

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