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Hi everybody!

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Been some months I haven’t been particularly active in here, we all know that it was a tedious moment for all of us. We’ve all been concerned in a way, hope you’re fine.


So what’s going on in the dev part? Well I must admit I’ve been really quiet and before that thing hit my country hard, I was working on the other “research” project, and finally enhanced infantry in a good way. I need now to update all the infantry I did for the BM: OpFor RTS project.

(This is the infantry done for the other project, but this will apply to this project too. It’s kinda old, don’t mind some weird animations that have been reworked since.)


Anyways, other news, the early dedicated BM: OpFor RTS Discord server is now live! Still some tweaks to do but it is joinable! See you there! 😉

See you later!

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