Spanish football to resume a day early with second half of abandoned match – BBC Sport

Roman Zozulya joined Albacete after Rayo Vallecano cancelled his loan spell from Real Betis in 2017

Spanish football will return a day earlier than planned when the second half of a second division match that was abandoned because of offensive chanting is played on 10 June.

Rayo Vallecano fans chanted that Albacete’s Roman Zozulya was a “Nazi” during their match on 15 December.

It was goalless when the match was abandoned at half-time.

La Liga will resume on 11 June while the Segunda Division will properly restart the following day.

Ukraine forward Zozulya joined Rayo on loan in 2017 but the deal was cancelled after some fans said the town was “not a place for Nazis”.

He has always denied links with far-right groups.

In an open letter to Rayo fans in 2017, Zozulya claimed “a misunderstanding by a journalist who knows very little about the reality of my country and my own career” led to the belief he was involved in the far-right movement in Ukraine.

Rayo were fined 18,000 euros and given a two-match partial stadium closure.

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