Spelldust to be released for iOS and Android worldwide on June 22!

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The game experienced a soft launch in a few territories in April which enabled the developers to create an early start for a community that gave a lot of feedback. This feedback will now be honored to a large extent for further improvements when it releases in the rest of the world on June 22.

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Spelldust is a real time strategy game with a Wizard Theme. Players engage in intense PVP-duels using preselected spell cards in what can be described as a mix of Hearthstone & Clash Royale. Spelldust use card mechanics and combinations from traditional card games, but is played in a mobile friendly real-time format.

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“We are really excited about launching Spelldust and thrilled to show the world what we been working on for the last couple of years.”, says Daniel Öhgren, CEO at Grand Pike, “We have developed Spelldust for gamers, and we want to include our players in helping us improve the game in the future.”

For more information, visit:

Homepage: Grandpike.com

Facebook: Facebook.com

Twitter: Twitter.com

About Grand Pike:
Grand Pike is a mobile games studio in Skellefteå, north of Sweden. Their mission is to develop games with high player value and bring their love for games to their products. They are currently working on their first game called Spelldust while expanding their studio. For more information, visit: Grandpike.com

About Artic Game Lab:
Arctic Game Lab is an organization that is working to create a strategic platform for the game industry in northern Sweden; with business development, investment support, game educations and events to build a strong games community. They are creating an opportunity for studios to grow and give individuals the chance to enter the industry.Arctic Game Lab is a collaboration between the municipalities Umeå, Skellefteå, Piteå, Luleå and Boden. In this area there are about 70 game companies and studios, about 400 professionals working in this industry and 14 game educations at university and higher vocational educations. Arctic Game Lab is now northern Europe’s fastest growing game cluster. For more information visit arcticgamelab.com

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