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Last year it was rather quiet around me here on Moddb, even when I did release 3 very large Ion Fury sp maps. They can be found in my profile and I will give links to them below.

For the last 8 weeks or so I have been working hard on the first map of 3 of this new mod. As I have been working on textures, guess I have around 150 or so of them now. Soon I will tell more about this mod but for now, a video says more than 1000 words I guess, that is why I released today my first gameplay footage video (of map 1). Please have a look and have fun, it’s a big video of 7,5 minutes. It simply is a huge map lol.

Here is a list of my 3 previous released Ion Fury maps;

SPYmaps Ion Fury 1.0

SPYmaps Ion Fury 2 (final version 3.0)

SPYmaps Ion Fury 3

And here you can find all my other sp-maps, sp-mappacks, and sp-mods from the last 20 years for games such as Duke3D, Shadow Warrior, Quake+Quake2, CoD 1+2, Mohaa, Prey, Sof2, Half Life2 and episodes, Serious Sam Bogus Detour, Broforce, Far Cry 5 and some others that I am forgetting;

mods; Moddb.com
addons; Moddb.com
files; Moddb.com

Guess that is about it for now. Soon I will have new footage of map 2, so please use the “Mod Watch Follow” option so you know when new info is uploaded!

Have a nice day, and, keep your eyes out for new maps and mods! We modders are here to entertain YOU!
Leon Brinkmann, aka

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