Star Wars Mod for Bannerlord – Devblog#3 : Features

Hello there Star Wars Fans!

Today we have some exciting News to share!

We finally created a Discord Server for everyone :

We remodeled and retextured our Commander Wolffe Model to meet our Quality Standards!

Our Development Team was reinforced by new talented people!

And we finally have a List of Features we will implement into our Mod!

So without further ado, let`s start with the


  • Start a new adventure in an open sandbox where you can do anything you want!
  • Join the Republic, The Seperatist, The Hutt Cartel or help other minor Factions like the Rakata or the Yuuzhan Vong to invade the galaxy. Alternatively you can also create your own faction and choose from many cultures and species to represent your Faction!
  • Become a Jedi or a Sith by completing a questline for each side!
  • Visit many detailed Planets known from the Clone Wars, the Original Trilogy, The Old Republic and the Expanded Universe!
  • Find easter eggs from across the galaxy.Past and present.Vanquish Vader or find Revans armour adding both their loot to your collection!
  • Join the Bounty Hunters’ Guild, become a Bounty Hunter and search for over 100 Bounties across the Galaxy!
  • Go hunting on Planets like Endor and Kashyyyk and bring back valuable Furs/Hides to sell on the Galactic Market!
  • Charge into battle riding a host of creatures including Rancors, Reeks and even Acklays!
  • Become part of the Mining Guild and open Coaxium Mines/ Spice Mines/ Durasteel Mines and even Beskar Mines!
  • Become a Slaver and sell your Slaves on the Zygerrian slave market or become known throughout the Galaxy as the one who ended Slavery!
  • Attack Ships or plunder Planets to gain a reputation as the best Pirate in the Galaxy!
  • Live a peaceful live as a Farmer, a Company Owner, Merchant, Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Droid or Junk Dealer and sell your products on different Planets for maximum profit!

Commander Wolffe:

We weren`t quite happy with our last Wolffe Model. So we completely remodeled it. Here it is!



Wolffe 3




Development Team:

As i menioned earlier , we were joined by a couple of new and talented people!

TBRO13 our new 3D Artist who will specialize in creating our Weapon Models! His work speaks for itself:


Desert_Falcon ,also a new 3D Artist!

DemonZ our new C# coder!

Bonds our new Sound Designer!

I am sure that we will be able to create a good Foundation for this Mod with our current Team , but we are still looking for friendly and determined people to join us! If you are a

-C# coder
-3D artists (specialized in 3D Animation / Rigging)
-3D artists (specialized in 3D Modeling / Texturing)
-Level designer
-VFX artist
-Sound Designer
-Graphic Designer
-Concept Artist

and want to join our Team , feel free to Contact me on Moddb or the Server Admin on Discord.

As a Member of our Development Team, you will be able to propose which Features / Races / Planets / Items etc. should be added to the Mod and which shouldn`t.Also, you will work under no time pressure in a great , organised and friendly Team that will help you with all Problems you might encounter!

That`s it for today!

Stay healthy!


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