Starclaw: Battle of StarSpace Nebula

Hello everyone!

It’s Kyle from Cenokga!

Even though Knights of the Silver Table has been delayed, I have been also working on an other game.

Starclaw: Battle of StarSpace Nebula

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Starclaw: Battle of StarSpace Nebula is an 8-bit inspired, Action Packed, Arcade Style, Space Shooter.

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Click here to wishlist on Steam. Estimated release is June 1st 2020.

Photosensitive Seizure Disclaimer

This game features flashing lights. If you’ve had photosensitive seizures, due to flashing lights or playing video games, play at your own discretion.


The Galaxy of StarSpace Nebula has been invaded by a mysterious force and it’s up to you to put a stop to whoever is responsible and bring peace back to the galaxy!

Play through the main story mode and find out what the mysterious threat is.


  • 1-4 Player Co-op
  • Simple Retro Arcade style controls
  • Over 64 Levels (Not including Bosses)
  • 8 Worlds

Starclaw: Battle of StarSpace Nebula is made around the use of a controller. You can use the keyboard as well. But only Player 1. Remaining Players use a controller. Multiplayer Mode requires at least 2 controllers.

The officially supported controller is the Xbox One Controller. Other XInput Controllers can be used as well. Although, controls may be different from what is listed.



D Key – Fire Bullet
A Key – Fire Bomb
S Key – Advance Dialog

Arrow Keys – Move

Enter – Pause

Xbox One Controller

X Button – Fire Bullet
B Button – Fire Bomb
A Button – Advance Dialog

D-Pad – Move
Left Joystick – Move

View Button aka Start or Pause as us 90’s kids call it – Pause

Link to Original Story

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