Super League clubs vote to keep existing salary cap level – BBC News

Castleford against St Helens was the last Super League game to be played on 15 March

Super League clubs have voted unanimously to retain the existing salary cap regulations.

The 12 teams run with a cap of £2.1m per team, covering all payments but for eight “key dispensations”.

The clubs and the Rugby Football League had held discussions regarding a reduction of the cap to its 2017 level.

Super League executive chairman Robert Elstone described the unanimous vote as “another example of the unity shown by our clubs”.

He added: “While we will continue to apply the existing levels of scrutiny to all costs, today’s decision underlines our commitment to ensuring Super League remains strong and competitive, and also shows confidence in our ability to manage the competition through these uncertain times.”

No rugby league fixtures have been played since March because of coronavirus and no return date has yet been agreed.

The government has provided a £16m loan to the RFL, for professional clubs to apply for financial assistance during lockdown.

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