Supreme Commander 2 0 2 0 Mod

Hello fellow large-scale RTS fans!

It’s my pleasure to announce to ModDB that Supreme Commander 2 0 1 3 has semi-secretly been upgrading behind the scenes for the past couple of years into SupCom2020Mod (or SupCom 2020, or Supreme Commander 2 0 2 0, or whatever you guys want to refer to it as).

The new mod is based off the old mod, but features a slew of gameplay additions, changes, balancing tweaks, visual fixes, squashed bugs, some new units; all that good stuff, and more. Some tweaks to the systems of play now mean you have to be mindful of storage capacities for your resources, as well as when and how you upgrade your units and structures as some of them no longer get their upgrades on-the-fly.

The Mod still requires Supreme Commander 2 and the Infinite War Battle-Pack DLC to play, but totally changes the experience from the original game. Many will admit that the base game left much to be desired, but I hope this mod will give you and your friends an experience more akin to what you were expecting from a Supreme Commander sequel on PC, even though everyone knows we still all want a “true” sequel to the greatest RTS of all time!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the mod. If you’d like to start playing the latest version of the mod right away, join the Discord listed below. If you can wait a few weeks, a release should be posted on ModDB before too long. I’d just like to iron out a few last minute details and do some more promo videos/tutorials and whatnot for YouTube.

That’s pretty much it for now. Cheers!
HoT Ho11oW PoiNT

P.S. Please join the Discord: Invite –>

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