Tactical shooter Synthetik 2 is coming to Early Access

Synthetik: Legion Rising was a top-down 2D roguelike shooter with deep weapon-handling mechanics like movement-based recoil and active reloading, plus some real meaty gun sounds. It was well-received back in 2018, with a user rating of Overwhelmingly Positive on Steam. Berlin studio Flow Fire Games has announced that the sequel, Synthetik 2, will be arriving in Early Access on August 19 with a full release planned for 2022.

Based on the gameplay trailer above, two minutes of “alpha footage raw combat”, the most significant change is that it’s gone to a 3D isometric view. Otherwise Synthetik 2 still seems to be broadly the same game of deleting dudes into satisfying big red Xes with guns that hit like a hammer. Fire Flow says Synthetik 2 will have new classes, weapons, and items, the co-op will be bumped up to four players instead of just two, and it’ll have integrated modding support.

In advance of its August Early Access release, a demo of Synthetik 2 will be playable during the Steam Next Fest, giving us access to two classes plus “custom class building”, a floor full of bad guys to shoot and a boss fight to cap it off. That’ll be available on June 16.

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