The 20 Best Affordable Fashion and Beauty Picks of the Month – Who What Wear

Welcome to On the Hunt, a monthly series in which we open the floor (or should we say DMs?) to our Instagram followers to ask their most burning fashion and beauty questions. We’ll select up to five inquiries to answer and offer our advice with shopping picks to match.

It’s safe to say that most of us have adjusted our budgets and spending habits in the last month or so and have become more thoughtful than ever about practicality, cost per wear, and categorizing items into needs vs wants. But spending less money doesn’t necessarily have to be a dramatic sacrifice. If we shift our perspectives a bit, shopping smarter can actually be a fun challenge of finding the best items on the internet for the best prices. So whether it’s affordable trends, skincare, basics, or loungewear we’re currently on the hunt for—it just takes a little Internet research to find the best items, which of course is exactly what we’ve done here. Not to make things overly tempting, but these price-conscious items are seriously good.


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