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If you need to patch up a loose hem, secure a bra strap, or fasten a button gap but lack sewing skills or time, the best fashion tape prevents wardrobe malfunctions, can work on various fabrics, and is simple to use. Understanding how and even where you will use the tape to address common clothing issues is key. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you shop.

Fabric Needs

Before you buy fashion tape, consider the fabric that will likely require mending. Some fashion tapes are strong enough to hold heavier fabrics like denim or wool, but can damage lighter fabrics like chiffon, silk, and cotton. Stronger adhesives work well on fabric-to-fabric fixes like hems, but can irritate your skin if you’re using them to adhere a strap to your shoulder, in which case it may be better to shop for a tape that is safe for sensitive skin. There are even waterproof tapes that are made specifically for securing bathing suits straps.

Ease of Use & Portability

Most fashion tapes are designed in pre-cut strips that are great for on-the-go wardrobe malfunctions and are ideal for bra straps and smaller fixes, but limit you to only using them one at a time. Fashion tapes that come on spool dispensers are easy to use and allow you to cut as much or as little tape as you need, which is ideal for securing larger swaths of fabric, but not the best when you’re out and lack scissors. For portability, shop for a tape that comes in a portable dispenser, making it easy to have an emergency back-up supply in your purse.

It’s time to shop for fashion’s best-kept styling secret. This list includes highly rated fashion tapes that are loved by reviewers and are considered the best on the market — including one trusted by Jennifer Lopez.

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1. The Overall Best Fashion Tape: The One That Kept J.Lo’s Dress Secure

Vapon Topstick The Original Men’s Grooming Tape (50 Count, 2 Pack)

While a toupee tape may seem like an unusual choice, this is the same tape that held Jennifer Lopez’s famous green Versace dress in place, and it is one that celebrity stylist swear by. The double-sided tape comes in strips and can be applied directly to your skin or between fabrics. This clear tape stays hidden under clothing, but some reviewers said that it may be easier to see against darker skin tones. The medical-grade adhesive is hypoallergenic and strong enough to hold heavier fabrics, though some reviewers advise peeling it off slowly from your skin.

Helpful Review: “This stuff is a dream for keeping clothing in place. I tape lower blouses to my chest/bra to prevent any accidents and have been using it for that forever. Way better than run of the mill ‘fashiontape.'”

2. The Best Fashion Tape For Sensitive Skin

Fearless Sensitive Skin Tape (50 Count)

It can be difficult to find a fashion tape that doesn’t itch or cause irritation. This double-sided, hypoallergenic fashion tape for sensitive skin is designed in strips that keep clothing where you want it, while also preventing skin from feeling any discomfort. The residue from the adhesive easily washes off, however, some reviewers mention that because it is so easy to remove, the tape won’t hold heavy fabrics like wool and denim. This is an excellent choice for smaller jobs like loose straps or a lightweight top’s deep V-neck, but you may want to explore other options when it comes to hemming or holding heavier fabrics in place.

Helpful Review: “I love using Fearless sensitive tape as it doesn’t react with my skin. I have used this tape on many clothes and it sticks well. It has even gone through the washer and dryer multiple times and it still holds. Even getting hot, sweaty, and wet at an amusement park….it held.”

3. The Best Tape For Bigger Fixes

Braza Flash Tape (20-Foot Roll)

If you’re just figuring out how to use fashion tape or have a larger piece of fabric that you need to keep in place, this double-sided tape is a great option. It comes on a regular tape dispenser instead of in pre-cut stripes. This means you can cut as long or short of a piece of tape as you need. This is also better for projects that require more tape. Instead of lining pre-cut strips one-by-one, you can easily customize the length to fit your needs.

The manufacturer warns that this tape is not to be used on delicate fabrics, so choose a different tape when working with silk and lighter fabrics. Reviewers have also pointed out that it is not ideal for sensitive skin and can cause temporary redness, so it’s a good idea to rely on this tape for fabric-to-fabric adhesion.

Helpful Review: “Used this tape for the first time today on a pair of sling back sandals. The straps kept slipping so I used the tape and they did not move an inch until I took the shoes off.”

4. The Most Portable Fashion Tape

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Apparel Tape (36 Count, 3 Packs)

To prevent on-the-go wardrobe mishaps, this fashion tape is the ideal solution. It comes in a portable tin that you can toss in your purse or bag and works equally as well on fabric-to-fabric as it does skin-to-fabric. This double-sided, hypoallergenic tape is perfect for hemming pants or skirts and reviewers say it stays on even after you sweat and is gentle on fabric. It even holds up after a common fashion tape mistake: if you forget to take the tape off before tossing clothing in the wash, reviewers say it won’t melt into your clothes and will still prove easy to remove.

This is also the best value of all of the pre-cut strips on this list — you’ll get 108 strips in total in three separate portable packages.

Helpful Review: “This tape is amazingly strong considering that it doesn’t leave any sticky residue. Even shirts that are small and pull open between the buttons are held secure for the entire day. The tape does not dry out throughout the day-— it [has] been my experience that once it [is] placed, your shirt never pops open between the buttons. Would highly recommend for this reason; most fashion tapes I have previously purchased did not prove strong enough to hold tight button down shirts closed.”

5. The Best Waterproof Fashion Tape For Swimsuits And Activewear

Braza Swim Companion Flash Tape (20-Foot Roll)

Finding fashion tape that stays on in the water is a rarity. But this waterproof tape comes in a traditional tape dispenser that is easy to use and allows you to cut to the specific length you need. This clear double-sided, medical-grade tape is safe to put directly on your skin. It’s designed for bathing suits and will hold waterproof fabrics in place, even after a swim, with one reviewer saying they stayed in the ocean for hours without the tape budging.

The stickiness does make it a little more difficult to use, as some reviewers say it can be tricky to separate the tape from its paper covering or even your fingers. Most reviewers agree that this con is outweighed by how well the tape works.

Helpful Review: “Last weekend I went to the beach and I have a new swimsuit that I wanted to make sure would stay in place even in the pounding surf. I decided to try this tape since it says it is waterproof… and IT WORKED! I spent hours in the water and walking the beach and that stuff stayed on and held in place both on my skin and on my swimsuit the entire time. I didn’t feel like I needed to readjust or pull my top up or anything.”

6. The Best Fashion Tape To Replace A Bra

Maylove Boob Lift Tape (33-Foot Roll)

For backless dresses or tops, this medical-grade breast lift tape is a bra-less solution that stays in place and is safe for your skin. This transparent, double-sided tape works on all cup sizes, according to reviewers, and one reviewer who wear a J-cup said the tape provided lift and held her breasts in place without a bra.

The hypoallergenic tape is waterproof and lasts up to 24 hours. If you’re worried about removing it, one reviewer suggests using warm water or baby oil, which breaks down the residue so that you can take the tape off without pain. The tape comes with 10 nipple covers and in two widths (two or three inches) and two cup size ranges, A-D and DD and above.

Helpful Review: “I’ve tried several methods of bra-less support for my size D but none have been 100% perfect until this tape. It provides flexibility to adjust the amount of cleavage or to provide separation if that is what is needed for an outfit. It provides great lift and stays put until you are ready for it to come off.”


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