The 7th duel tournament, this Saturday!

Did you know that the primary point of balance for any of the champions, is trying to making sure they’re balanced for duel. Duel is such a tremendously competitive mode, where every aspect of a champion gets exploited to the max, to get an advantage over your adversary.

As such, we’re always very interested to see how players adapat and use the tools they’re given in this mode, and having anothe duel tournament is a win-win-win

Developers win: By learning how the players use these tools, and finding the real bad exploits

Players win: By reaching top 3 in the tournament, they win $$$

Viewers win: By having a show to watch!!

So, in whichever category you belong, you’re winning! Sign up to the cup on the link

And come watch/play the games on saturday, 3pm CST / 8pm GMT

[embedded content]

See you on the arena!


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