The Baby-Sitters Club Leans Into ‘90s Fashion — With A Gen Z Twist – Refinery29

Stacey (Shay Rudolph), a recent transplant from New York City, has the most fashion-forward wardrobe, which includes sheer blouses with oversized sleeves, a sequin bomber jacket, and lots of stylish coats that are in stark contrast to what the other girls wear. “Stacey needed to appear as an ‘outsider’ when she arrived in Stoneybrook for our story. She also has a personal story she is trying to hide, so her facade is strong and sophisticated,” Summers says. “She is more mature than the other girls in some ways, and we wanted her to visually stand out, and her more sophisticated big city New York look helped us tell that story.” Meanwhile, Dawn (Xochitl Gomez), who joins the group a few episodes in, is the ultimate “Cali girl,” according to Summers, with a penchant for ‘80s fashion like flannel shirts, acid wash denim, and creepers. 


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