The best loadouts in Call Of Duty: Warzone [Season 3]

The very best loadouts in Call Of Duty: Warzone revealed

This Call Of Duty: Warzone best loadouts guide will help you get to grips with the choices surrounding weapons in Season 3 of Warzone. We’ll walk you through some top-tier loadouts, along with my own personal thoughts on the best Perks to use for winning matches in Warzone.

Call Of Duty: Warzone best loadouts

There are three aspects to a loadout in Call Of Duty: Warzone: your weapons and their attachments; your choice of three Perks; and your lethal and tactical equipment. Each of these is covered below, and we’ll also give you a primer on how to go about obtaining your own loadouts during matches.

How to get loadouts in Warzone – Supply Drops explained

It’s actually very easy to obtain your own preset loadout in a Warzone match. All you need to do is find (or buy) a Supply Drop. Supply Drops will spawn periodically throughout a match, and you’ll be notified on-screen when one is landing nearby.

But your best bet is usually to accrue enough money to buy a Supply Drop from one of the Call Of Duty: Warzone Buy Stations scattered across the map. Cash really isn’t difficult to come by in Warzone, and it’s well worth buying multiple supply drops over the course of a match so you can mix and match top-tier primary weapons without the need for the Overkill Perk.

Best loadouts in Call Of Duty: Warzone

Now let’s get onto the weapon combinations themselves, presented in no particular order below. Bear in mind that each of the below loadouts uses two primary weapons, but you don’t need Overkill to make this happen. Just use one supply drop for one weapon, and another supply drop for your second weapon.

Check out our in-depth Call Of Duty: Warzone best guns & weapon stats guide for detailed stats on each of the below guns.

1. AX-50 & AUG

  • AX-50: Merc Thermal Optic, Monolithic Suppressor, 32.0” Factory Barrel, Stippled Grip Tape, Singuard Arms Assassin
  • AUG: G.I. Mini Reflex, 622mm Long Barrel, 5.56 NATO 30-Round Mags, FORGE TAC CQB Comb, Tac Laser

Here’s an excellent all-rounder loadout that can easily see you through to the final circles of a Warzone match. The AX-50 may be outclassed by the HDR at extreme distances, but for quick sniping there’s nothing better. And here we’ve kitted it out for range while also maintaining a respectable ADS speed.

And the AUG with the 5.56 conversion kit offers the lowest time-to-kill (at 250 HP) of any automatic weapon in the game. It’s light, fast, astonishingly powerful, and very easy to use at mid-range as well as in close-quarters combat – particularly with the longest barrel attached.

2. HDR & Grau 5.56

  • HDR: Merc Thermal Optic, Monolithic Suppressor, 26.9” HDR Pro, 7 Round Mags, Presence of Mind
  • Grau 5.56: Integral Hybrid, Monolithic Suppressor, FSS 26.4” Archangel, 50 Round Mags, XRK Void II

This loadout is designed to exploit the unfortunately overpowered roof-camping meta that we currently see in Warzone matches. The HDR is hands down the best sniper rifle in Warzone for extreme ranges; and when you attach the Monolithic and the Pro barrel, there’s pretty much no bullet drop at all, no matter the range.

And the Grau 5.56 gives us a close-range automatic option that can still perform extremely well over longer distances. If you haven’t given the Grau a proper try yet, I’d recommend starting with the above loadout. See how low the recoil is? This thing barely moves. It’s a laser. It’s phenomenal.

3. Oden & Origin 12 Shotgun

  • Oden: VLK 3.0x Optic, Colossus Suppressor, Oden Factory 810mm, 30 Round Mags, Stippled Grip Tape
  • Origin 12 Shotgun: Choke, FORGE TAC Impaler, 25 Round Drum Mags, No Stock, Frangible – Disabling

Everyone’s going on about the R9-0 at the moment, but in my opinion the Origin 12 can be kitted out to completely outclass any other Shotgun for messy close-ranged Warzone encounters. Frangible – Disabling is a brilliant perk that (rightfully) no one uses, because it only works when hitting legs – and it’s bad practice to aim at the legs. But with shotguns, and pellet spread, suddenly Disabling is a great asset. And we’ve kitted out the Origin for speed, range, and the ability to just keep on firing. This is definitely a squad-wiper.

The Oden is the perfect counterpoint to the Origin 12. Normally my long-range option would be a DMR or sniper, but I can’t abide not having a single automatic weapon in my loadout. But the Oden is actually lowkey one of the most viable guns in Warzone. It hits like an absolute truck, and when kitted out properly, you can mitigate its major disadvantages (low mag size and high recoil) to turn it into a very reliable mid-to-long-range killing machine.

4. HDR & PKM

  • HDR: Merc Thermal Optic, Monolithic Suppressor, 26.9” HDR Pro, 7 Round Mags, Presence of Mind
  • PKM: APX5 Holographic Sight, Monolithic Suppressor, Stippled Grip Tape, No Stock, Sleight of Hand

This is a fascinating find, and it’s thanks to my brother’s crazy loadout experimentations that I’m able to show it to you today. On the one hand we have the HDR, which is kitted out for long range exactly as it was in loadout #2. No changes there, still a brilliant sniper.

But our short-to-mid-range option is the PKM LMG – but it’s been kitted out to be as lightweight and run-and-gun as possible. And by god, it works. This thing hits like a truck, is easy to control, benefits from the excellent damage dropoff stats of the LMG category, and is nothing like as cumbersome to use as the PKM normally would be.

The big downside is that, even with the Sleight of Hand perk, it takes an age to reload. But when you’ve got 100 bullets per magazine, you won’t really be reloading that often. And if you are, well, you should start questioning why you’re tearing through hundreds of bullets before you’re able to finish a single fight.

5. SA87 & MP7

  • SA87: VLK 3.0x Optic, Muzzle Brake, SA87 25.4” Factory, 50 Round Mags, Stippled Grip Tape
  • MP7: G.I. Mini Reflex, FSS STRIKE, 50 Round Mags, Stippled Grip Tape, No Stock

The aim of this startlingly effective duo of weapons is to keep you agile and responsive, without sacrificing power across all ranges. We do this by using the SA87 as our long-ranged option. It’s a phenomenal LMG: powerful, extremely good damage dropoff stats, and by far the nimblest of all the LMGs. So nimble, in fact, that we can afford to slow it down with the largest barrel, an extended mag, and a Muzzle Brake to ensure that it excels at lengthy ranges.

And for close-range combat we have the blisteringly fast MP7, which I’ve chosen over the fan-favourite MP5 because the latter is harder to control. This MP7 has been kitted out for speed with No Stock and the Stippled Grip, and the extended mag will allow you to keep firing through however many Armor Plates you come up against.

6. Kar98k & AK-47

  • Kar98k: Thermal Hybrid, Singuard Custom 27.6”, Stippled Grip Tape, FTAC Sport Comb, Focus
  • AK-47: G.I. Mini Reflex, Muzzle Brake, 23.0” RPK Barrel, Commando Foregrip, Skeleton Stock

Here we’re sacrificing damage for versatility with our Kar98k. It won’t match the one-shot-kill-ability of the big boy snipers like the AX-50 or HDR, but it packs a hell of a punch, it’s easy to use, and it can easily be kitted out for speed. We’ve also attached the Thermal Hybrid so you can happily use the Kar98k at any range you like.

As for the AK-47, the main hurdle you have to overcome is its sizeable and inconsistent recoil pattern. But with a weighty combo of Muzzle Brake, 23” Barrel, and Commando Foregrip, we can mitigate this problem, leaving you with little less than the strongest all-round Assault Rifle on offer for Warzone.

7. FAL & AUG

  • FAL: Integral Hybrid, Compensator, XRK Marksman, Commando Foregrip, Burst
  • AUG: G.I. Mini Reflex, 407mm Extended Barrel, 5.56 NATO 60-Round Drums, Stippled Grip Tape, FORGE TAC CQB Comb

This Warzone loadout is rather an odd one, but believe me, in the right hands it’s very viable indeed. The FAL really shines in Warzone, with its high headshot damage multiplier and excellent performance over longer ranges; and it’s just about the only weapon for which the Burst weapon perk is actually useful. We’ve kitted the FAL out here to be as long-ranged as possible, but the hybrid scope allows us to quickly toggle to a red dot for close-quarters engagements.

But really, you should be using the AUG for close-range fights. Again we’ve given it the stupendously powerful 5.56 conversion, but this time we’ve given it 60 round mags to play with. It slows us down more, so to counteract this we’ve got a smaller barrel and a Stippled Grip to help speed things back up again. The idea is that in our first loadout we had the AX-50, which is purely long-range, so we needed the AUG to perform well at mid-range. Here, the FAL takes care of mid-range combat, allowing us to spend more on kitting the AUG out for close-range dominance.

Best Perks in Call Of Duty: Warzone

You’ll notice I didn’t include Perks in the above loadouts, and that’s because I tend to use almost exactly the same set of Perks for each of my loadouts. I won’t spend much time with this, but here are my rankings for the best Perks in Warzone, divided by slot and ranging from best to worst:

Best Worst
Slot 1 Cold-Blooded Double Time E.O.D. Scavenger Quick Fix Kill Chain
Slot 2 High Alert Ghost Overkill Restock Pointman Hardline
Slot 3 Amped Tune Up Shrapnel Battle Hardened Tracker Spotter

Overall, High Alert (and therefore Cold-Blooded) dominate the majority of Warzone loadouts because it’s just so useful to have (and bypass) that early warning system of enemies. However, I always have one Overkill loadout ready, in case I’m respawning and just need a well-rounded kit so I can start fighting as soon as possible. And Ghost is a fantastic pick for staying off the radar of enemies, particularly for Solos, so you may want to consider this over High Alert in some cases.

Best equipment in Call Of Duty: Warzone

I’ll similarly spend little time on equipment for your Warzone loadouts, because it’s mostly down to playstyle and preference. Personally I swear by the plain old Frag Grenade, but you can also find great success with C4 – particularly if you’re about to be run over by a cargo truck. And Molotovs are excellent for zoning particular areas, which is something you’re not really able to do with any other lethal equipment.

As for tactical equipment, I flip-flop between Flashes, Stuns, Stims, and the Heartbeat Sensor. The first two are fairly interchangeable and equally powerful; the Stim has saved my life many times during frantic moments of danger; and the Heartbeat Sensor is miles better than people think it is. It’s like a shorter-ranged UAV, but for free and forever.

And with that, we’ll wrap up this Call Of Duty: Warzone loadouts guide. Hopefully you’ve got a few things to think about, and perhaps to try the next time you’re dropping in Verdansk. Why not also check out one of our other Warzone guides in the interim? The weapons guide is particularly useful – if I do say so myself.

Call Of Duty: Warzone guide series [Season 3]

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