The Corenne Update


  • Some different loading screens
  • No vanilla quotes
  • Minor UI changes
  • Redid some faction symbols

Arrow Tracers:
Arrow tracers make the arrows more visible. I tried to make them enough to track the arrows without it seeming too unrealistic or ugly.

Removed Shaido from custom battles.

Added Manetheren to the game. They will be in a future prologue, but for now are just in a historical battle. They can be enabled to custom battles, more on that when the update is released.

Custom Battles:
The Last Battle:
The Last Battle can now be fought on the Field of Merrilor. Not scripted, so not exactly accurate
movement wise, but ingame.

Fall of Manetheren:
You can fight in the Fall of Manetheren. Note: The Dark One has some awful pathfinding. Either that or the Trollocs just love drowning themselves.

Dumai’s Wells:
The iconic battle of the Wheel of Time, you can fight as the Shaido, White Tower, or Perrin Aybara against the others. Later on the Asha’man arrive, travelling to the battlefield.

Base Units:

As someone noticed, I had some base units ingame, such as Knights and Sergeants Spearmen. They have been split into a unique version for each faction. Cairhienen Spearmen are worse than their Andoran counterparts, but their Horsemen are better. These slight balances make each faction more unique. Added bannermen.


Band Crossbowmen and Heavy Crossbowmen now use their shields to fight.


  • Andoran Queen’s Guard units now have their barred helmets and cloaks.
  • Andoran Queen’s Guard (Archers):
    • Heavy ranged archers.
  • Elayne Trakand’s Queen’s Guard:
    • Gaudy but extremely heavy infantry


The Aiel now wear cadin’sor to battle. These brown coats and headresses still have the veil of the Aiel, but it doesn’t cover all of their heads, and just their face, as is more accurate. Far Aldazar Din are now melee infantry, but they throw javelins before charging into combat. The Aiel also run faster than normal people, meaning that they can overtake most infantry. They can also hide anywhere.


Asha’Man now wear their distinctive black coats into battle, looking much more realistic. They also have received some buffs


The Borderlands have received a few new units

  • Arafellin Swordsmen
    • Dual Sword wielding units, these frontline infantry can be thrown into combat and left there to fight. With a balanced attack and defense, their only real vulnerability is ranged units.

  • Shienaran Heavy Cavalry
    • Shienaran Heavy Cavalry are likely the most micro intensive units in the game. They, when used right, can absolutely destroy enemy lines. However, if not used right, they will die quickly. They have both bow and lance, and are made for damage. When ordered to attack, if they have fire at will off, they will charge with their lances. If it is on they will keep firing and not pull out their lance until they’ve already engaged. To be used best they should be charged without fire at will on and then pulled back with fire at will on, leaving behind a storm of arrows. They don’t have a high melee attack and instead have a hefty charge bonus with their lances, higher than any other one in the game. So if you just throw them in they will not get a lot of kills. They have high armor but no shield, making them vulnerable to ranged.

The Dark One:

The Dark One roster has received several new Shadowspawn units as well as a rework of the Trolloc Units. They now have much more variety and much more accurate looks.



  • Trolloc Fist (Pikes):
    • Cheap and numerous pikemen, though not very well trained, able to keep up a wall of pikes.

  • Trolloc Fist (Bows):
    • Cheap and numerous archers, not very accurate, but dangerous in numbers.

  • Trolloc Fist (Axes)
    • Trollocs with heavy, two handed battle axes. Quite terrifying and quite deadly.

  • Armored Myrddraal:
    • Deadly myrddraal with thakan’dar blades

  • Myrddraal Lancers:
    • Extremely heavy lancer cavalry, liable to break the enemy with a single charge

  • Darkfriend Trebuchet
    • Trebuchet whose primary fire is corpses. Their secondary fire is normal boulders.


I’ve felt for a while that the Seanchan were under their potential. They had a few native units but nothing actually good. So I’ve redone them, with a large number of native Seanchan Units added and the few Westland ones acting as Altaran and Taraboner Auxiliaries. Furthermore, I’ve rextextured the Seanchan units and redone the Deathwatch Guard, making them much more impressive and lore accurate.

  • Seanchan Bowmen:
    • A basic native seanchan archer unit
  • Seanchan Sailors:
    • Heavy Seanchan archers wearing blue and silver armor with a gold anchor and lightning bolts on the chest.

  • Seanchan Lancers:
    • Excellent heavy cavalry, well trained and armored. Moderately vulnerable to range.

  • Seanchan Bodyguard/Bodyguard (Heavy):
    • Basic bodyguard units, wearing the Seanchan armor painted red and gold.
  • Taraboner Auxiliaries:
    • Missile cavalry also armed with lances. Wearing green and red armor along with a chain veil
  • Fists of Heaven:
    • Seanchan light shock troops, with wood and leather armor, crossbows, and heavy 2 handed swords. Faster than normal troops and able to hide anywhere.

Tar Valon:

Almost all of their units have been remodelled to have either kettle helms or barred helms, as well as some new pikemen and crossbows. The younglings look vastly different, with new armor, helmets, and archer and lancer variants.


The Whitecloaks were a lackluster faction before, with maybe 5 units, and only one unique unit. This has been fixed. They now have Amadician auxiliary units and three tiers of units: Basic, Legion, and Heavy. All except the Amadicians have the whitecloak of the Children. They specialize in armor.

  • Basic:
    • Whitecloak Spearmen:
      • Basic spearmen, not too good, not too bad.
    • Whitecloak Infantry:
      • Sword and shield infantry, cheap and efficient.
    • Whitecloak Archers:
      • Good archers, low tier, but quite good.
    • Whitecloak Recruits:
      • Excellent light cavalry, better than most other nations.
  • Legion:
    • Whitecloak Legion Spearmen:
      • Good spearmen, equal to the Sergeants of the other nations.

    • Whitecloak Legion Infantry:
      • Your bread and butter troops, good on both the defense and attack

    • Whitecloak Legion Cavalry:
      • Excellent heavy cavalry, similar to that of Cairhien

  • Heavy
    • Whitecloak Heavy Infantry:
      • Very heavy infantry, but costly
    • Whitecloak Heavy Archers:
      • Heavy archers with a shield to use in melee.
    • Whitecloak Zealots:
      • Very heavy cavalry with armored horse and a deadly charge
    • Questioners:
      • Small in number but terrifying units able to chant and wield their giant 2 handed swords.


The moment you’ve been waiting for: the campaign.

The campaign is out, finally. The map has been edited a bit. This is alpha, so not everything is finished, but the campaign is working and coming out. Some new features include:

Dragonmount looms over Tar Valon, a massive mountain created by the death of Lews Therin Telamon.

Seanchan Blood Mechanic:

Every Seanchan character has access to the Blood Trait. When a man of the hour or candidate for the option happens, the character starts with the Common Blood, as do new agents. but by being successful in their field they can be promoted to the Low Blood, then the High Blood, then the Imperial Family, though that is rare. Furthermore, this is hereditary. If a character earns their way to the Low Blood or High Blood, their children will be of that Blood, and be able to rank up in it. So if a character makes it to the High Blood, then their children will be of the High Blood and will be able to earn their way up higher. Each level of the Blood offers perks, as well as unique ancillaries. If one is of the Low Blood or up than they have a chance to gain Da’Covale in settlements. If they are of the High Blood or up they gain access to So’Jhin, which are hereditary. And upon joining the Imperial Family than they automatically gain a Deathwatch Guard ancillary, skyrocketing their personal safety. Of course, promotion can be slow, and only an incredibly successful general will make it all the way to the Imperial family, but their children can take it up after them.

Military Office:

Seanchan and members of the Band can gain military office traits, with Marshall General being granted upon becoming faction leader. These give various perks for their field. Not only are there the basic ranks: Captain, Banner-General, Lieutenant-General, Captain-General, Marshall-General, but there are also specialized Seanchan ones: Captain of the Air, Captain of the Green, etc.


Agents of the Dark One can rank up in the Darkfriend Hierarchy, gaining more skill in their chosen jobs. Not hereditary.


Every character has a chance to get the Channeler trait, which gives a number of buffs. Characters have a greater chance of getting it if their parent has it. However, if a male character has it, then they will slowly go insane from the taint.

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